Zoo Hosts Controversial Lectures

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The series, which starts Wednesday, is on the debate over evolution and intelligent design. All of the speakers support the theory of evolution and that’s got Brad Dacus of the Sacramento-based conservative group Pacific Justice Institute, mad.

"It is such a serious breach of public trust to see such an institution as a public zoo use money to actively promote one viewpoint of scientific theory." 

The first lecture is by UC Davis Evolution professor Maureen Stanton. Her talk is “The Truth Behind Intelligent Design.”

"And I’m going to try to get the idea across that intelligent design is not a legitimate science and why it belongs in homes and churches but not in our science classrooms."

Zoo officials say the series is focused on science education and is not a debate over evolution and creationism.

All three of the zoo’s “Evolutionary” lectures are sold out.