Theatre Review: River Stage's "Snow Angel"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The scene is a town in Vermont, called Deerpoint. Frida is walking in the fresh snow, when she sees someone stirring in the white stuff. 

(excerpt from play)

The arrival of this mysterious person – dressed in clothes suggesting the 1890s -- triggers plenty of talk among the high school characters in this play. Soon, they start claiming they’ve seen her all over town, doing all sorts of things. And so what begins as teen comedy becomes something of a mystery, as everybody – including the audience – tries to separate fact from fiction. Director Rod Loomis, a dapper veteran in the silver fox category, works with a large cast of actors in their teens and early 20s to build up a mosaic portrait of teenage chatter, flirtation, hope and dysfunction, with everybody shaken into alertness by the intriguing visitor. The story is told in quick, almost breathless scenes, without intermission, using quick cuts and tons of light and sound cues. And it’s all wrapped around a suitably enigmatic tale – but we won’t spoil things by disclosing anything more.