Lawmakers Grapple with How to Fund Roads, Levees, Ports

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 16, 2006

The committee’s goal is a unanimous proposal – if that’s possible - says its chair, Democratic Senator Kevin Murray.  He says they’ll hammer out the details – but they need a plan they can actually implement - promptly.

“You know, if you’re in one of the places where levees are important and you voted for this big thing and all of a sudden you’re not getting your levee, then I think we have misled the voters.”

Republican Assemblyman Rick Keene says part of the discussion should be over how to avoid neglecting California’s needs in the future. 

“We believe that putting a minor part of our budget – to be set aside, that we can’t rob or steal, that is going to keep our commitment to infrastructure is very important.”

Both Republicans and Democrats are worried about tying up too much of the state’s general fund on such projects.