Hearings into UC Compensation Practices

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

State Senator Gloria Romero’s anger was evident as she questioned University of California President Robert Dynes Wednesday.

Romero: “Just yes or no has anybody been fired? 

Dynes:  "There are people who are no longer in their positions. 

Romero: "Did they get 305-thousand dollar severance? 

Dynes:  "There has yet been nobody fired…”
Dynes apologized for compensation practices he says are not transparent or even uniform. 

I’ve heard the outrage this morning I’ve heard the outrage over the past several months. I’ve heard of things I didn’t know were going on quite frankly…” 
The hearings were prompted by newspaper reports of executive compensation at U-C that include six figure salaries, housing allowances and entertainment expenses.  Dynes says there will be changes to increase transparency and pay reporting practices.