New Bill Targets Air and Seaports

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 3, 2006

The bill by Long Beach Assemblywoman Jenny Oropeza would identify some California sea and air ports and railyards as “diesel magnet sources”… That means they attract sources of air pollution, such as diesel engines.  Oropeza says her bill would ultimately require a plan to curb emissions.  She says the bill’s a work in progress but it must also include an element of notifying the neighbors, as some air pollutants pose a cancer risk. 

 “We have a strong feeling that people who live in the neighborhoods need to be aware of the risk factors.” 

The California Chamber of Commerce opposes the measure, identifying it as a “job killer” bill, with unclear mandates on who has jurisdiction over clean-up plans.  The measure was approved by the state Assembly and Oropeza says work will continue on the bill in the Senate.