Bilingual Newspaper Distributed In Sacramento/Stockton

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Vida, an English/Spanish newspaper is being delivered to some 40-thousand homes in the Sacramento area and about 20-thousand residences in Stockton.

The free paper, which was launched in Fresno 15 years ago, is published by the McClatchy newspaper chain and distributed through the English-language Sacramento Bee and Stockton Record newspapers.

Vida editor Juan Esparza says it's a myth that the only way to reach Latinos is to publish in Spanish.

"We know that there's people who may prefer Spanish, or may prefer English. This way they can read the article in whatever language they're comfortable with."

Mark Martinez of the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce believes the paper will succeed if it pays attention to local communities.

"If in fact you have premier local stories covered I think it has a great chance to succeed.

With the addition of Sacramento and Stockton total distribution for Vida is 167 thousand, making it the most widely circulated bi-lingual weekly in the country according to the publisher.