Stockton Company Buys Superbowl Ad

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(Stockton, CA)
Tuesday, January 31, 2006

With Superbowl commercials costing a reported two and a half million dollars most advertisers are big-name companies selling beverages and motor vehicles.

Yet for the second consecutive year Stockton-based Diamond Foods is coming up with the money for a single Superbowl spot for Emerald Nuts, one of its leading brands.

Diamond gambled last year on a Superbowl ad featuring the snack and it won critical acclaim for the commercial.

Egyptian navigators love Emerald Nuts.

And it also generated a jump in sales according to spokesman Tim Cannon.

"We had a 56 percent increase in sales in the four weeks following the Superbowl."
Emerald Nuts is one of 14 brands of snack food distributed by Diamond. 
Before becoming a public company last year, Diamond was a farmer's cooperative for nearly a century.