Stockton Transit Agency Buys Hybrids

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(Stockton, CA)
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The San Joaquin Regional Transit District is going to purchase 50 new hybrid buses for delivery over the next year and a half. The agency already has two diesel/electric coaches.

Paul Rapp, the spokesman for the District says the hybrids use one-half the amount of fuel and generate far less pollution. 

"By switching from our regular diesel buses to diesel/electric hybrid buses it will reduce emissions by about a half-ton per bus per year." 

Each new bus costs about a half-million dollars, or about one hundred thousand more than a conventional diesel vehicle. But the district has joined with ten transit agencies in California and other states to make a group purchase, saving about 50-thousand dollars a bus.

Some of the new buses will also be equipped with global tracking technology so riders and those at waiting stations will be able to know the time of arrival.
The district serves some four million riders a year.