Calworks Cuts Proposed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The governor’s budget plan pulls back about $114 Million in the current year’s budget from Calworks child care payments statewide. Calworks is a welfare program.

Sacramento County’s director of Human Assistance – Bruce Wagstaff – says the timing couldn’t be worse. That’s because Congress is about to approve a bill requiring states to place at least half of their welfare families in jobs.

"We were intending to be gearing up the rest of this year for that purpose, to really get ourselves in positions where we can hit the ground running in trying to meet those requirements. If they’re going to pull back funding from us it’s extremely difficult to do that and it’s really going to hinder our efforts to be prepared for those new requirements."

Last year, Sacramento County received about $10 Million from Calworks. The county covers childcare payments for about 3, 500 children.

It’s still not known whether the proposed Calworks cuts will survive the governor’s May budget revision.