Automall Expansion Raises Protests

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The proposed expansion would put auto dealerships near the Hazel Avenue light rail station. Regional Transit spokesman Mike Wiley says it’s a bad idea

"Development of that nature and that proximity to a rail station needs to be transit oriented development and an auto mall is about as far away from a transit oriented development as you can get."

Wiley says not building transit oriented development will most likely cause federal transportation officials to hold back on funding new public transit projects.

"And they’re using this information in their decision making regarding future rail extensions."

The auto mall is part of Aerojet’s Easton Place development project which also includes a densely packed housing village that supporters say would lead to more light rail ridership.

Tim Murphy with Aerojet’s GenCorp Realty Investments says the plan has already passed several tests. "We’re confident the board will agree with the planning commission and staff recommendations and approve this application."

The County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesdayon Aerojet’s request for an auto mall use permit.