Beef Shipments Halted

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 23, 2006

Central Valley ranchers and processors don't think the reported case of mad cow disease is going to immediately impact them.

Of greater concern is the latest ban on U-S imports by the Japanese government. The action has forced processors to suspend shipments that had resumed last month following a two-year boycott.

Ben Higgins of the California Cattlemen's Association says tons of shipments already on the way to Japan will be put on ice.

"That product is going to be kept in cold storage in that country until this situation is resolved."

Japan, which recently discovered some contaminated U-S beef, hasn't indicated when the latest ban will be lifted. The U-S-D-A is trying to determine how contaminated beef from New York got by inspectors.

Some analysts say the action by the Japanese is more about protecting market share for domestic producers than fears of mad cow disease. Whatever the reason, it's costing California ranchers thousands of dollars a day.