New Legislation Aims to Protect Consumers Purchasing Used Cars

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 20, 2006

Assemblywoman Jenny Oropeza has introduced the bill that would make it a misdemeanor to re-sell or transfer ownership of a car that has been flooded or water damaged unless it’s disclosed on the vehicle title.  Oropeza says she decided to carry legislation after motor vehicle agencies warned consumers to watch out for cars damaged by recent, devastating floods.

 “It’s really unfortunate but there are always bad apples who try to make money off other people’s misfortune…”
The bill also includes fines for violators—up to ten-thousand dollars for a third offense. The State Department of Motor Vehicles issued a warning to used car buyers last fall, saying it expected damaged cars to appear in California for sale in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The DMV also offers tips to avoid the problem including getting the vehicle inspected before you buy it and ordering a vehicle history report.