Some Suggest Delaying Governor's Initiative

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 13, 2006

Proposition 49 was approved by voters in 2002, to provide funding for after-school programs around California.  With better state revenues, the Governor has included more than 400-million dollars in funding in next year’s budget… But Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez says now is not the time to start these new programs.

  “I will suggest to the Governor that we go to the ballot together, to delay Prop 49 as a means to try to balance our budget in a way that is fair, equitable and doesn’t negatively impact as the budget currently does now poor people and senior citizens.” 

A spokesman for the State Department of Finance says that Governor Schwarzenegger is not inclined to delay the children’s programs, as he believes they are the right priority. However, the State Legislative Analyst has also suggested a delay, because of concerns about future state deficits.  She proposes phasing after school funding in over time or waiting until the state’s revenues and spending are in balance.