Researchers Study Food-To-School Programs

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(Davis, CA)
Thursday, January 12, 2006

Farm-to-School programs serve two purposes. They provide nutritious food, such as fruits and vegetables for students and the give farmers another outlet to sell their produce.

California is the leading agricultural state in the country, yet only 30 of the nearly one thousand public school districts participate in a farm-to-school program.

Gail Feenstra, food systems analyst with the U-C system is among the researchers who will survey programs in selected western states including California. She says they'll be looking for  information that could get more schools involved.

"What sort of policies and what sort of technical assistance is needed in order to expand farm-to-school programming in K through twelve."

Dave Kranz of the California Farm Bureau says selling to schools is important, especially to small farms.

"It's not a widespread opportunity yet, but it is growing."

The study, sponsored by the Kellogg Foundation, is expected to be published in April.