Central Valley Reacts To Governor's Budget

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(Modesto/Stockton, CA)
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

After examining the budget proposal, Carol Whiteside the President of the Great Valley Center says it appears that the governor is willing to work more closely with the legislature.
Whiteside says the region will benefit from the additional money earmarked for education.

"Especially in the Valley that education is a huge priority and huge need and so all the investments in education are important to this region."

Law enforcement agencies in the Valley applauded the governor for allocating six million dollars to combat methamphetamine trafficking.
Not everyone is pleased with the budget.

Joe Chelli, the Director of the San Joaquin County Human Services Agency, lamented significant cuts to programs such as CalWORKs.

 "At a time when the budget outlook for the state is looking better, it's kind of distressing that there are real negative consequences in the budget for the poor, elderly and disabled."

The budget proposal is subject to approval by the state legislature.