Levee Operators Welcome Repairs

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(Stockton, CA)
Monday, January 9, 2006

During his State-of-the-State address last week Governor Schwarzenegger proposed spending over one billion dollars during the next five years for repairs and improvements to the levees.

Advocates of the Delta say the recent flooding is a reminder of how fragile the system can be.

Rudy Mussi of Stockton lost millions of dollars of crops last year when a levee failed, flooding thousands of acres of farmland on Jones Tract Island.

Mussi says it's time for those other than principals of reclamation districts to help pay for maintaining the system, including the metropolitan areas that receive water from the Delta.

"The state uses it to transport water from northern California down south and it serves millions of people. People in the Bay area also make use of the water."

The governor proposes paying for repairs to levees and other flood control initiatives with money raised from bonds. Representatives of reclamation districts are waiting to see how Schwarzenegger plans to repay the bonds.

The plan is subject to the approval of the state legislature.