Governor will Propose Budget Tuesday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 9, 2006

Just a day before announcing his budget proposal for the next fiscal year Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presented plans to increase spending in the state’s Healthy Families program—which provides low income families with health insurance for children.  That’s on top of previously stated promises for education, and large-scale plans for future spending on public works projects.  Republican Assemblyman Ray Haynes says spending proposals are what have him concerned. 

"I  think (the) Governor needs to take a look at how we’re spending the money what we’re spending it on and actually take some efforts to slow down how much we’re spending and how fast government is increasing in this state…” 

Democrat John Laird, who chairs the Assembly Budget Committee, says he’s waiting to find out how the Governor will deal with the state’s ongoing budget deficit next year. 

“Cause if we’re going to be talking about 68-billion dollars in bonds we should get the structural deficit out of the way before we start loading things onto the general fund as well.” 

A spokesman for the State Department of Finance says Schwarzenegger will address the deficit—estimated at around 4-billion dollars—that’s expected in the next fiscal year.