Glamour On The Concert Stage: Nothing New For Eroica

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 9, 2006

Forget the image of three middle-aged men in tuxedos.  The glamorous lasses of the Eroica Piano Trio fashion their musical style wearing elegant designer gowns.  This style, says pianist Erica Nickrenz, came from the women’s similar tastes.

“I think we actually chose each other because we’re all kind of spirited, spicy types, it just keeps things very exciting; the temperaments are always flaring.”

It’s these heated and spicy performances, rather than their ‘look’ that have sustained the ensemble's successful career.  Erica says she hopes the alluring combination continues.

“I think that the sort of glamour aspect of the trio I’m hoping will always be there.  I’m hoping we’ll all be in our seventies and we’ll be like the Joan Collins of the chamber music world.”

Well, not even Joan Collins can escape the metronomic tick, tock of time.  And, just as fashion trends come and go, these passionate musical mothers are changing with the times.

“Obviously being together for twenty years you go through lots of different stages, and right now we’re in that maternal world for sure; we get to share tips on diaper changing.”

The Eroica Trio performs tomorrow, as part of the Sacramento Community Concert Association’s subscription season.