Death Penalty Moratorium to be Considered

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Monday, January 9, 2006

Opponents of a controversial death penalty moratorium are speaking out in advance of the hearing – Republican Assemblyman Todd Spitzer addressed the bill’s author – Democratic Assemblyman Paul Koretz, during a press conference:

All it is Mr. Koretz and all those who may support your bill, is a be kind to killers act.”  

Spitzer says there’s already a de-facto moratorium – saying the justice system in California moves “slower than a glacier.”
The Fair Administration of Justice is studying the system, and Koretz says it makes sense to halt executions until that work is finished: 

 It absolutely is not an attempt to get around the death penalty.  I am not a 100% opponent to the death penalty – my main objection is that I believe innocent people wind up on death row and sometimes are executed.”

The commission is expected to release its findings no later than December of 2007.