Governor Sets Out 20-Year-Plan

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 6, 2006

Those words – repeated more than a half a dozen times by the Governor - sum up the cornerstone of his State of the State address. He wants  to build 1200 miles of new highway and HOV lanes, two-thousand new schools, two new prisons and 101 new courts and shore up levees.   And he proposes to pay for it in part with bonds. 

This plan will leverage 70 billion in bonding capacity over the next 10 years to achieve a total investment of 200 billion dollars – and we can do it without raising taxes.” 

The Governor also proposed a minimum wage hike – something he’s previously vetoed – and called for air quality improvements.
The Governor’s speech was conciliatory - he joked about his lower approval rating – and said, of the failed special election, that he had learned his lesson.   Democrats say they appreciated the tone of the address and are cautiously optimistic about the Governor’s plan – with many noting that the devil will - of course - be in the details.