Levee On Twitchell Island Reinforced

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(Twitchell Island, CA)
Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Thanks to efforts of state crews and their machinery, large rocks sit atop the portion of the levee on Twitchell where the San Joaquin River poured over on to the island.
The manager of the island harbor, Saun Passeri had permission from the authorities to stay in his houseboat Sunday night after the other residents had been evacuated. With winds reaching 50 miles per hour, he says it was a memorable night.

"I was scared, because I have a storage down here. This is our livelihood, everything I own is right here."

Jim Eckman, an engineer with the Department of Water Resources was also on the island Sunday night.

"This was the most intense flood threat I've seen personally, when the wind and waves were blowing over the top of the levee."

Although the levee on Twichell has been reinforced Eckman says the earthen structure is still vulnerable to strong winds, high tides and burrowing animals.