Utility Works to Restore Power

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(San Francisco, CA)
Monday, January 2, 2006

When the first storm arrived, Pacific Gas and Electric dispatched hundreds of crews throughout their service area, which stretches from Bakersfield to near the California/Oregon border.

P G & E says power has been restored to most of their customers, but some still don't have electricity.

Spokesman David Eisenhauer says because crews worked for a couple of days without a significant break, the company is bringing in relief workers to help out.

"We're calling in mutual aid from Southern California Edison and from some power companies in Oregon and Washington and as far away as Kansas City."

It may take awhile to restore power to all customers. Some areas aren't accessible because the roads are flooded or covered with debris from mudslides. And in other areas the soggy ground makes it impossible to erect utility polls that were knocked down.