Sneak Previews of the Governor's State of the State Address Offer Insight

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 2, 2006

Over the past week, we’ve learned the Governor plans to propose a minimum wage increase, cancel tuition hikes for university students, and push for Californians to be allowed to import prescription drugs from other countries.  It’s a smart strategy, says Dr. Barbara O’Connor, Director of the Institute for the study of politics and media at Sacramento State:
"I think he’s announcing serially each day, or someone in his office is, proposals that closely correspond to the kinds of things that people say they’re concerned about.”  
O’Connor says the leaks – and his overall tone since the unsuccessful special election – show he’s making an effort to be more conciliatory – and inclusive.
“You’re going to see a different Governor. He’s pledged to try and do business in Sacramento – in the Capitol-- as opposed to taking everything to the ballot box.”   
O'Connor says Schwarzenegger will have three or four months to make progress, before things turn heavily partisan in this election year.