Governor Schwarzenegger Declares State of Emergency due to Flooding

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 2, 2006

The seven counties include Sacramento, Napa and Sonoma, where some homes and businesses were flooded. In some areas, people were evacuated.  Steve Sharpe with Sonoma County’s Office of Emergency Services says the state assistance which will include personnel and equipment, will bolster clean-up efforts that will get underway this week. 

“We’re looking forward to a Presidential declaration as well to assist us with our recovery efforts.” 

Ricardo Pineda with the State Department of Water Resources says as heavy rains progressed from North to South, areas in Riverside and San Bernardino counties became cause for concern. 

 “And the effect of the rain on the burn areas from 2003 and so we’re coordinating with the locals and are willing to provide them assistance."

Pineda says high winds and river stages created touch-and-go situations with levee systems in the Sacramento River delta, and interim fixes were necessary during the worst of the storms.