Northern California Braces For Next Storm

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 29, 2005

The storms are expected to drop up to 3 inches in Sacramento and as much as 6 inches in the foothills.

Meteorologist John Juskie with the National Weather Service office in Sacramento says the snow level will only drop to around 7,000 feet.

"So we’re thinking that there’s going to be quite a bit of runoff and a quick response to a lot of the area streams and creeks."

State officials say people who live near streams and rivers should be on guard. Arthur Hinojosa is with the state Department of Water Resources.

"Yeah, anyone who lives near a levee or is protected by a levee should be constantly vigilant when the levees are wetted up like they are now."

And Captain Steve Turner with the Sacramento Metro Fire Department says people should be careful around neighborhood drainage ditches which will also be running high.

"They’re cement canals really and during these high water times they’ll fill up and be flowing with a lot of water. And areas that kids maybe played in before now become real death traps."

But most officials say the storms are not likely to create a flood disaster in the Sacramento area. They say local reservoirs have enough storage to handle mountain runoff.