Post Office Gears Up For Busy Day

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 19, 2005

Tracy Doolittle has her arms full of packages as she walks into Sacramento’s main post office on Royal Oaks Drive.

"I’m shipping my husband’s gifts to his family and friends back in England. Yeah, it’s a little bit last minute but I’m hoping the line’s not too long."

Monday is the deadline to send first class mail if you want it to arrive by Christmas. Post Office spokesman Ralph Petty says they’re bracing for a busy day.

"We’re expecting to do about 2.1 million pieces of mail through our processing center on that day where we would normally do just under 900,000."

Petty says if you’re sending boxes, make sure you use a strong tape.

"Don’t use masking tape, don’t use duct tape, use a good packaging tape – string tape is the best tape you can use."

Postal workers will be just as busy on Wednesday – the biggest delivery day of the year.