Business Journal: Holiday Wish For New Roads

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You’re in a sled, up on the roof tops, so you might not notice. But we’d sure like about a billion dollars to patch up our roads, sewers and water pipes. It’s not fun negotiating all the cracks and potholes driving to the malls. 

It would cost more than a billion dollars to smooth out the roads and fix all the pipes, just in our six county Sacramento area. The agencies doing this kind of thing spend $100 million less each year than called for … so it’s only getting worse. The agencies doing this kind of thing provide these figures. I’m not making it up. You’ll see for yourself pretty soon. 

I know, everyone has problems. But our area already has the sixth worst roads in the nation, according to the experts in Washington, D.C. Obviously it’s just going to get worse, unless you intervene. 

Trucks since 1997 can carry up to 80,000 pounds of presents … or other stuff. And there are more trucks all the time. But at that weight, one truck wears the road the same as 10,000 cars. And there are more cars, lots of them. And each car wears the road as much as a herd of reindeer, although reindeer can be hard on the rooftops. 

If you haven’t got a spare billion, Santa, maybe you can give us all sleds. It’d be easier getting around.