Davis Gets Red Light Cameras

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 12, 2005

Authorities say red-light running is the fourth most frequent cause of accidents in Davis. The newly installed cameras are at the intersections of Russel Boulevard & Sycamore Lane and “First & E Streets.

Assistant Police Chief Steve Pierce says a 30-day warning period starts Tuesday.

"The cameras operate as if they would during a normal period but in lieu of getting an actual citation in the mail any violators will get a warning notice that just in essence says we’ve captured your image, you’ve violated the red light at this particular intersection and we’re warning you that in the future if you do that you could end up getting a citation."

After the month-long warning period, red light runners caught on camera will be ticketed. The penalty in Davis is $370.

Two more intersections will get red light cameras next month: Pole Line Road & Fifth Street and Chiles Road at Mace Boulevard.