Legislators Will See First Pay Increase Since 1998 This Month

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 6, 2005

They’ll see the boost with their next paychecks.  Most of California’s 120 lawmakers will experience a 12-percent pay raise, up to 110-thousand-880-dollars a year.  The Director of State Services for the National Conference of State Legisalatures, Karl Kurtz notes California is tops in lawmakers compensation but says it’s a pretty big job.

 “California’s also number one in the size of legislators’ districts, state senators in California have districts bigger than members of Congress.” 

Fifteen state Assembly members and at least one state Senator have refused the pay increase. The State Assembly’s Chief Administrative Officer Jon Waldie says money refused from lower house members will remain in the Assembly’s operating budget. 

“You can use that money to sustain the Assembly from carpets to paint to hiring staff to pay for whatever our expenditures are.” 

Lawmakers also receive 153-dollars a day in per diem/expense money when the legislature’s in session--for many that amount is tax-free.