Governor Gray Davis Will Unveil Portrait

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Governor Gray Davis’s portrait will be placed on the third floor of historic West wing of the state Capitol building... The Historic Project Coordinator for the State Department of General Services Vito Sgromo says Governor’s portraits are placed in chronological order.   

“From the oldest portraits on the first floor to the newest portraits on the third floor, and that’s where Governor Davis’s portrait will be, next to Governor Wilson, Governor Deukmejian, Governor Brown and Governor Reagan…” 

The Governor’s portraits are a big draw for tourists—its common to see groups of them gathered around a painting. Jerry Brown’s unusual, more abstract rendition of his likeness often draws a crowd.  Sgromo says the modern portraits offer a glimpse of a Governor’s personality. 

“What the paintings have evolved to is that they’re no longer capturing the images—it goes into the philosophy, their personality, who they are” 

Sgromo says a Governor is given great leeway in that he chooses the artist, the style, and the size of his portrait.