Natural Gas Prices Could Affect The Cost Of Flowers & Plants

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 5, 2005

Analysts are predicting the price of natural gas could jump as much as fifty percent this winter. Nursery operators with enclosed greenhouses are seeing larger bills.
Jack Merrill of the Mainland Nursery of Lodi says he already has spent much more this year to heat 600-thousand square feet of greenhouse space.

"We're probably about 20-thousand dollars more than last year for the month of October."

Merrill says the retail price of flowers and plants has only increased a bit, but that could change if the cost of natural gas continues to climb throughout the winter.
Marvin Girtz the operator of a Sacramento flower shop says so far retail prices for most floral products have remained in check.
"Florists generally across the United States have seen a real downturn in sales and as a consequence they're overstocked."

Florists aren't sure why sales have dropped the past couple of months. They just hope business picks up during the upcoming holidays.