Eclectic Empyrean Ensemble At Mondavi Center

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 5, 2005

Composer Peter Lieberson wrote his “Bagatelles” twenty years ago, at a time when he was studying Buddhism. Perhaps as a result, the music is presented with an unadorned spareness that’s rather like a leafless tree in winter. But as pianist Karen Rosenak found when she began rehearsing the piece, there’s nothing simple about what Lieberson wrote.”


The piece concludes with a short movement called “The Dance,” set to a waltz beat.

(And again….)

Lieberson’s “Bagatelles” is only one of the five pieces on Tuesday’s program. Another is called “Viola, viola,” and it’s a dialog, or perhaps an argument, written for a pair of violas by British composer George Benjamin.


Also on the program is an atmospheric piece called  “Ackermusik” by Dutch composer Theo Loevendie, who was a professional jazz musician before he started writing music.


It’s music for adventuresome minds, a program called “Crackerjack Virtuosity,” tonight at 8 in the Studio Theater at the Mondavi Center. At 7, performer Peter Josheff will give a preconcert demonstration of how to play extended passages on the bass clarinet without pause through a technique called circular breathing.

(Music out)