Clemency Hearing with Governor an Unusual Occurrence

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This is the third time that Governor Schwarzenegger has had to determine whether an inmate should be spared from his death sentence.  This time, Schwarzenegger will meet in person with attorneys.  But McGeorge School of Law Professor Ruth Jones says don’t read too much into that. 

 “It is really the last opportunity for the defense to argue that in spite of the entire judicial process which has been upheld, the right decision is not to execute this individual.  I think it would be inappropriate to draw inferences that the Governor wants to hear about it.” 

The former Prosecutor says the executive branch procedure is far less formal than court hearings and Schwarzenegger will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

Williams’ supporters have said the former Crips gang member and founder has become a productive citizen while in prison, speaking out against gang life. Jones says the District Attorney’s office, while representing the state also serves as a voice for the victims’ families in the process.  Williams is scheduled to be executed on December 13th.