More Disclosure Proposed for Governor's Trips Abroad

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 28, 2005

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently returned from his three-city trade mission tour in China that was funded in part by the California Protocol Foundation.  It’s a tax-exempt group, created under a previous administration that collects donations for a Governor’s trips abroad.  

State Treasurer and Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Phil Angelides says there must be more disclosure of where the donations are coming from and says he’ll appeal to legislators to carry a bill next year. 

“My new rules would require California’s governor to disclose at least forty-eight hours before leaving on official foreign travel the sources and recipients of all private funds related to the trip…” 

Angelides criticized the Governor for a lack of transparency created by using the funds for which no disclosure is required.   A spokesman for Schwarzenegger says the foundation money was used to spare the taxpayers’ some of the trip’s expense. 

Schwarzenegger’s Spokesman Vince Solitto also denounced Angelides’ comments as taking the opportunity to criticize the Governor in his own quest for the position.