Stockton Evacuees Face Deadline

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(Stockton, CA)
Friday, November 18, 2005

While most of the 400 evacuees who came to Stockton have found permanent housing sixteen families are still living in four local motels. F-E-M-A will stop paying the rent on December first.
Jean Gleason of the American Red Cross says the organization is doing it's best to make sure those families are aware of the deadline.

"An official notice went to all the hotels and then we asked the hotels to make sure that each family got a copy of it."

Ronald Baldwin, Director of Emergency Operations for San Joaquin County says if permanent housing can't be located for the evacuees in the motels by the first of next month, they'll have to pay for the rooms out of their own pockets or move.

"There's no system that's in place to assist them with hotel bills."       

One social service organization says the high cost of housing in the Central Valley is making it difficult to find a place for the remaining evacuees to live. A social worker says many transplants have become frustrated in the quest to find housing and have left the state.