SMUD's Yolo Annexation Clears Hurdle

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 18, 2005

The California Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to adopt the resolution. Sacramento Municipal Utility District attorney Arlen Orchard says it’s a victory.

"This is the first major regulatory decision on the Yolo annexation and we’re very pleased that they rejected many of PG&E’s exaggerated claims and mischaracterization of the facts surrounding the annexation and its impact on PG&E and its customers."

But Pacific Gas and Electric spokeswoman Jann Taber says the PUC didn’t look at what the rates and reliability impacts would be on current SMUD customers or new PG&E customers in Yolo County.

"The PUC simply looked at what would be the impact to the remaining 5-plus-Million PG&E customers if 70,000 customers were moved. It’s not under the purview to advise PG&E’s Yolo customers whether this is a good idea for them or not. So the decision today was no surprise it was also no victory for SMUD." 

The PUC resolution now goes to the Sacramento Local Agency Formation Commission which is reviewing SMUD’s proposal. The issue could go before voters in November of 2006.