Looking Over the Initiative Process

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 18, 2005

A recent survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California showed the majority of Californians like the initiative process, but many see room for improvement.  At a panel discussion in Sacramento, lawmakers and policy researchers discussed ideas for changes in the process by which voters approve laws. 

Bob Stern with the Los Angeles based-Center for Governmental Studies says he’ll propose some early next year. 

And we’ll be suggesting that the legislature be required to get more involved in the process, to make the initiatives better, to make the initiatives shorter…. But it’s going to be a long hard process.” 

Stern notes recent efforts to make changes to the process within the legislature have been vetoed.

Among the complaints cited in September’s P-P-I-C poll were that the language of the initiatives is too complicated and that there are just too many of them on statewide ballots