State, Local Agencies Hold Terror Drill

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

In Sacramento, the scenario starts out with a gasoline tanker truck driven by a terrorist exploding on the Tower Bridge. A major fire erupts, engulfing surrounding cars and leaving dozens of victims.

Sacramento Fire Department Captain Niko King says they ran into poor communication problems between his department and the West Sacramento Fire department.

"We’re operating on the Sacramento Fire Department Channels. West Sacramento Fire Department showed up on their side of the bridge, they’re on their channels. So, they’re not communicating really well right now. Things are still getting done but they’re not getting done as smoothly as we would obviously like."  

Mock attacks were also held at the Roseville Railyards and Jack London Square in Oakland.

Officials with the state Office of Emergency Services say they’ll look at what worked and what didn’t work and come out with an action report.