Agriculture Interests Applaud Governor's Visit To China

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

According to state agriculture officials California farmers and ranchers last year exported over 450 million dollars worth of produce and livestock to China.
Rayne Thompson an international trade specialist with the California Farm Bureau says that figure could increase significantly.

"With one point three billion people and that country gaining more and more purchasing power it's obviously very important to us."

Almond growers say China is currently one of top ten international customers, buying over 25 million pounds of the nuts a year.
Susan Brauner of the Blue Diamond Cooperative says Schwarzenegger's visit will likely boost sales.

"Anywhere the governor goes people listen. And I'm quite sure that almonds are most likely on his list of products to talk about."

A spokesman for a dairy organization says the growing taste of the Chinese for ice cream is generating an increase in California milk.