State Senator Says More Oversight Needed on State-Owned Cars

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 14, 2005

The State Department of General Services has been at the task for some months—compiling a list of cars that are owned by the state and scattered among various departments all over…  But this week, Deputy Director Rob Cook testified on the issue before the Senate Select committee on Government cost control.  He says it’s been a painstaking process. 

“We have also identified several… but still show up in DMV records.”

All told, Cook says D-M-V records show the state owns 87-thousand vehicles, some of which aren’t under the jurisdiction of the state Department of General Services. Committee chairwoman Senator Jackie Speier says more accountability over the state’s fleet is necessary. 

“I think we need to restrict the ability to purchase new cars and making the DGS much more accountable for maintaining that information and for selling those vehicles.” 

As for why there’s never been a master list of the cars, Rob Cook says this is the first time the state has invested in the effort.