Californians Give Schwarzenegger an Election Rebuke

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

As election night wore on, members of public employee unions watched election returns at a party in downtown Sacramento.
                                    Cut: Nat “It’s over!  It’s Over!”
            That was the reaction from opponents of the governor’s initiatives, who declared victory in defeating all four of his measures.  One would have required public employee unions to get permission before using members’ dues for political purposes. Others would have created a budget spending cap, changed the way political districts are drawn in California, and proposed extending the time it takes for a teacher to obtain tenure.  In Los Angeles, Governor Schwarzenegger did not admit defeat, but said he would move forward.
                                    Cut: GovNt2  (:12)  “We’re going to continue to make California a better place for our citizens here and for our people of this great, great state  (applause, fade)
            Other measures on the ballot also went down, including a parental notification requirement for abortions. The two prescription drug measures and another on electricity regulation also gave early signs of failing at the polls.