Governor Schwarzenegger Takes a Last Election Spin

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 7, 2005

On the last full day of campaigning before Election Day, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger scheduled several appearances around the state.  Addressing the crowd at an upscale retirement development just outside Sacramento, Schwarzenegger urged everyone to get involved, calling special election day “judgement day”. 

 “Does the state want to move forward or does the state want to move backward. I say we should move forward! ” 

Observers clutched cameras and appeared to be very friendly to the Governor and his agenda.  However Melinda Davidson, a Republican, was among those who admitted some mixed feelings on the initiatives. 

 “The 77 is the one that’s most questionable to me, but I’m persuaded that change is required so I’m going to vote for it.”

Schwarzenegger is pushing Propositions 74-through-77.  A handful of protestors who oppose the Governor’s initiatives stood outside, keeping up their constant presence at Schwarzenegger’s campaign events.