Schwarzenegger Appeals to Sacramento TV Audience

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 3, 2005

While Protestors jeered outside the KCRA studios, inside Governor Schwarzenegger stayed on message during the televised event in which he answered audience questions on his four special election initiatives. 

He did manage to tweak the state legislature, in response to a question about his budget measure Prop. 76.  He was asked what funding he would cut in response to a fiscal emergency, if the legislature could not agree on a solution. 

Just to cut across the board, in all programs, including the paychecks of the legislators,  and I don’t even take any money, so I would give my money back.” 

A teacher, a firefighter and a union representative spoke in opposition. Fire Captain Brian Rice criticized the Governor for his ongoing fundraising. 

“I wish the Governor was here, he is not on the stage with us. because he is attending a fifty-thousand dollar a plate fundraiser at the Arden Hills country club right now.” 

The Governor’s campaign team criticized some of the opponent’s response as cheap shots but says the televised town halls are an effective way for Schwarzenegger to get out his message.  

He’ll appear in more televised town halls, including two in Los Angeles, before next Tuesday’s election.