Local High School Students Reject Most Ballot Measures

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 3, 2005

Students at CK McClatchy High School have spent the past few weeks studying the propositions. 

"We’ve been talking about Proposition 73 in class a lot." Vincent Taberacci says the measure requiring parents to be notified before their minor child can have an abortion is the one that resonated most with students.

Classmate Sarah Kinley agrees and says there was some confusion over the other measures. "People didn’t really know what most of them were. Like 78 and 79 with the prescription, like even our teachers didn’t even know what some of them were."

The mock election was part of the County Elections Office pilot project bringing voter education to local high schools. Government teacher Ellen Wong helped organize it.

"And it’s really just to get them sort of acculturated with the political process so that they’ll register when they turn 18."

After all the votes were counted, students had rejected all the propositions except for two: Propositions 78 and 79, the rival pharmaceutial initiatives.