Ballot Campaigns Focus On Latinos

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Of the 23 million registered voters in California nearly three million are Latino. It's estimated that about one million Latino voters live in the Central Valley.
Both supporters and opponents of the four most prominent initiatives are using Latino media.

SPANISH LANGUAGE COMMERCIAL "For redistricting in California, vote yes on Proposition seventy-seven."

Political Science Professor Ricardo Ramirez, predicts a modest turnout of Latinos next Tuesday, but says they could make a difference in the outcomes of potentially close contests like Proposition 74 and 75.

"Because we know it's going to be a lower turnout election any smaller sub-group within the electorate could make an impact."

All of the Latino organizations contacted, report they've seen no indication that their members are galvanized by any of the initiatives. And they have no idea how they would vote if they cast a ballot.
Ramirez points out, that with the exception of the gubernatorial recall election, Latinos don't pay much attention to the issues until just before Election Day.