Special Challenges Ahead for Voter Educators

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The League of Women Voters already publishes its Easy Voter guide that lays out concise explanations of the state ballot measures… Now the League is adding a series of five minute videos discussing the propositions. Jacqueline Jaccoberger is with the League’s Education Fund. She says a big challenge for voter educators is simply getting people to focus on the propositions, and not on the man behind the special election. 

 “Because it is so centered on the Governor, that it’s very hard to get it on to what the real issues are sometimes.” 

But Walter Zelman disagrees… He’s the Director of USC’s California Policy Institute, that’s been compiling research on some ballot measures.  He says the Governor’s brought attention to complex issues. 

“Everybody knows the Governor is for some of them, and I think that gives voters a focal point to look at… I don’t think that’s enough to look at, but it gives them a starting point at least.” 

Zelman advises voters to pay attention to all the information, including that provided by non-partisan and research sources, the media and even the advertising for the variety of viewpoints to help them make up their own minds.