Farm Workers Take Jobs In New Orleans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 31, 2005

Reports from New Orleans say Hispanics are flocking to the area to take part in the rebuilding effort. Most of those hired are making between eleven and 15 dollars an hour.
Marc Grossman of the United Farm Workers Union says for a field hand in the Central Valley who's making minimum wage, going to New Orleans isn't a difficult decision.

"As soon as they can farm workers try to get jobs in other industries and now some of them going to take part hurricane relief in Louisiana."

California doesn't have enough farm workers. Growers in the Central Valley fear some of this season's olive crop might be lost because of the shortage.
Dave Kranz of the California Farm Bureau says the labor situation could worsen.

"If there is demand from another part of the country that could further tighten the supply of workers who are willing and able to do farm work in California."

Economists say labor shortages usually drive up wages and that could be reflected in higher prices at grocery stores.