Synagogue Remodeled After Arson Attack

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, October 28, 2005

Work crews are still putting the finishing touches on the temple, including some exterior stucco work.

"There’s still some work being done to make it just perfect."

Rabbi Brad Bloom expects emotions to run high at Friday night's dedication. But he says they won’t dwell on the arson attacks.  

"It’s been almost 5 ½ years. We have moved forward. We have not forgotten the lessons and the existence of hatred in our society. But on this night, I think the general feeling will be ‘we have reached the promised land.’"

Two brothers, both self-proclaimed white supremacists, pleaded guilty to the 1999 firebombing. The attack caused $1 million in damage to the synagogue located in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood. The $3.5 million rennovation includes an overhead skylight and a pulpit that stretches out into the congregation.

"There is a feeling that a new facility can give us a boost and I think this one has done that."

Friday night's dedication ceremony starts at 7.