Ohio Woman Says Frozen Airman Might Be Brother

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(St. Clairsville, Oh)
Thursday, October 27, 2005

An Ohio woman believes the body found on a glacier in the Sierra-Nevada a week and a half ago is her brother, Ernest Munn. Military officials say the as yet unidentified corpse is likely an airman from a training flight from Mather Field in Sacramento, that crashed in November of 1942.
Sarah Zeyer of St. Clairsville, Ohio, says the description of the remains fits that of her brother. The 83-year-old Zeyer says if the body is Munn, it will mean closure for her and her two sisters.

"I'm hoping that this is his body and we will have a service in our cemetery where our parents are buried."

Zeyer says Munn was a 23-year-old Army Cadet, stationed at Mather Field in Sacramento, when the crash occurred.
The body is being examined in Hawaii. Officials say it could take months to identify the remains.