Proposition 75: Public Employee Union Dues

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The battle over Proposition 75 is being waged in television ads, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the lead role in one spot. 
COMMERCIAL SOUND: "I’m out to change the system so I’m not very popular with them. So when you see the attack ads, remember where they’re coming from."

If approved, Prop 75 would prohibit public employee unions from using dues for political campaigns unless they have written permission from members.  Anti-tax activist Lew Uhler is the driving force behind Prop 75.  "It is to assure and reinforce freedom of speech. 

Uhler says participation in political campaigns shouldn’t be dictated by unions.  However, the unions say Prop 75 would restrict theirfreedom of speech, so they’re spending millions of dollars countering with their own ads.  COMMERCIAL SOUND:" Now through Prop 75 Arnold and his allies would hit fighters and other public workers with new political restrictions, to make it harder for them to be heard. "

Modesto Firefighters Association President Cecil Ridge says Prop 75 isn’t needed because unions already give their members options.
"We have the ability to segregate their money out so it doesn’t go to political campaigns.

The unions say they’re considering an initiative for next year requiring public companies to get permission from stockholders before spending money for political purposes